bullitAs every company and every Board operates in a specific environment and has its own culture and challenges, your course will be tailored to your needs and to those of your Board. This course is not a replacement for the induction programme that is offered by the company. That introductory programme will help you get to know the business of the company, but it will probably not address the general skills you will need to be an effective NED.
Our course will offer you the opportunity to explore and learn these skills in a safe learning environment. That is why we start with an intake with both of us to get to know each other and to learn more about the specific context in which you will be working. We will also explore the challenges facing your company and your experience working in a corporate environment.


bullitAfter the intake, we will schedule six one-on-one sessions of 1.5 to 2 hours. In each session, we will ask you to reflect on your experiences in your Board so far, and discuss arising learning opportunities. We will also discuss one of six themes of Board work, for which you will receive reading suggestions. In order to maximize the effectiveness of each session, you will be asked to read some of these materials beforehand and prepare a set of questions.

general topics
Roles and responsibilities of the Board under a one-tier or two-tier structure as appropriate
Roles and responsibilities of the Audit Committee
Roles and responsibilities of the Remuneration Committee
Roles and responsibilities of the Nominations and Governance Committee
Major strategic decisions
Board dynamics and effective NED behaviours

We will tailor our approach to your needs, which could involve combining some of the sessions. Each session will be led by one or both of us. For instance, given our complementary experiences in these fields, the discussion on the Audit Committee will be generally led by Margot and the one on the Remuneration Committee by Jacqueline. Throughout the process, we will stay in close contact with each other to make sure that each conversation builds on the previous ones. We usually conduct the sessions on Board roles, strategic decision making, and Board dynamics as a team.

typical discussion topics
What is the role of the Board?
What should I have in mind when discussing a particular topic?
How should I prepare for a Board meeting?
What are key relationships and how do I develop them?
How can I contribute to a good dynamic around the Board table?
What is a helpful question?

Expected outcome

bullitAfter this one-year programme with Scheltema Tammenoms, you will have gained an appropriate understanding of the purpose, functioning and dynamics of (international) Boards. You will feel more skilled in your contributions and confident about adding value across the full range of Board work.

Our fee structure

bullitIdeally, our fees are paid by the company appointing the new NED as this would demonstrate commitment to the success of the new NED and enable us to have a conversation with the Chairman to get a sense of his or her priorities for the Board. However, we also want Scheltema Tammenoms to be accessible to newly appointed NEDs who pay themselves, as an investment in their own skills. The fee structure is available upon request.

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