bullit“This is such a good idea to provide personal coaching from first hand experience. There are courses on governance et al, but little or nothing on the dynamics of adding value and having impact whilst observing the rules of engagement. This highly professional team are easy to work with and have lots of practical pointers to share. I would recommend them to all first time NEDs and even to those who are already on boards and would welcome some further insights.”

Anna Mann
MWM Consulting LLP

bullit“A very valuable coaching programme to jumpstart a supervisory role. With their extensive Board room experience, Jacqueline and Margot add colour to the professional literature. It was not only about getting answers, they teach something far more valuable: asking the right questions. Thank you for the inspiring sessions!”

A quote from an interview with her in Executive Finance magazine:“What I have learned in particular was the art of asking the right questions. I am a high energy person and a fast talker. But as a board member, one has to think long and hard about the effect you want to have on the executives. […] What have been their biggest trade-offs? When implementing a plan, what other plans have they discarded? How did their choices come about? That is what the discussions in the boardroom should be about.”

Lizet Friesen-Leibbrandt, Board member Royal Agrifirm Group since December 2016, and CFO of HAK.

bullit“Having two conversations between appointment and my first board meeting was terrifically valuable. What you get is so much more than the theory you can glean for yourself – it’s the stories. They bring things you’ve read or heard to life.
I left with deeper technical understanding, plenty of practical tips and several absolute pearls which have already become my watchwords. Without these conversations I would have taken materially longer to find my feet on the board.”

Newly appointed NED

bullit"As an external auditor, I was not the typical target audience for this coaching; however it gave me practical examples and good insights in the dynamics within the non-executive boards and the role I can and should play. This coaching is strengthening the governance and controls of every company by well educated and curious NED's as well as external auditors. Thank you for the insights, practical guidance and honest feedback!”

Rogier van Adrichem - Audit partner PwC